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Mira Karapatsaki

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Mira Karapatsaki was born in Greece and raised in New York City. She graduated from Queens Borough Community College and studied Linguistics and Psychology in Queens College. She has seen the city changed in a number of ways over the years and enjoy living in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. As an adult she has live in Greece and in France where she developed a number of great connections and appreciation for real estate. Specializing in selling and leasing of residential and commercial properties and has worked in real estate for the last 18 years in New York, Greece and France.

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Mira prides herself on giving all her clients, both individual and institutional the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market  its trends, compatible sales and property values, giving them a realistic outlook on what they expect in today’s market. She is a dedicated agent to Brixton Manor real estate and its principals.

Clients choose to work with Mira for her full service firm, ethics, experience and expertise.

Mira has consistently shown the ability to satisfy clients and going the extra mile in the buying selling homes as well as helping them to a profitable investment.

Mira’s attitude Simply put that she is a dedicated to her clients for life. She is quick and tenacious, her commitment is to provide all her clients  exceptional and outstanding service that inspires them to refer her to their friends and family unconditionally. She firmly believes in order to accomplish  success  in real estate,  putting love and knowledge but most of all respecting your client.

Mira Karapatsaki
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Extra-large 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom home, with the top floor 170m2 of constant eye contact with Acropolis, describes best this precious asset. Situated on the fifth floor of a prestigious top building in Acropolis with a 24h - security survey and 2 elevators.
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