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Guiddalia Emilien

Founder & CEO

Image of Guiddalia Emilien

As a Real Estate expert who has worked in the industry for the past decade, Guiddalia has developed unique strategies in serving her clients. She prides herself on always being part of the solution.  She believes the only way to face challenges is head on, and to focus on the positive to ensure the best outcome.

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Driven by the gratification that comes from meeting her client’s needs and expectations, Guiddalia decided to start her own real estate firm.  With eight-plus years of Real Estate experience at Douglas Elliman, Citi Habitat, and prior experience creating two companies in fashion and interior design, Guiddalia has developed a keen understanding for esthetics which has been instrumental in aiding clients foreseeing infinite possibilities of a space.

Over the years she has acquired a community of the city’s best real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, contractors, interior designers, and other professionals, which serves as a guide for her clients and takes them through every step of the transaction so they feel secure in the process.  She has built her career focusing on enhancing the real estate experience for those she represents by consistently delivering outstanding results which has been the key to building her referral-based business. 

Guiddalia grew up in Port-au Prince, Haiti, migrated to Stamford, Connecticut as a child and has been a residence of New York City for the last 10 years.  During her 10 years of residency in New York City she has lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan and has seen many neighborhoods undergo dramatic changes through real estate development which is one of her primary focus.  

She finds herself being energized by this city and its residences. She enjoys antiquing, exploring interior design studios, visiting art galleries, and travelling abroad in an effort to fulfil one of her passions and fascination with history and culture.

Guiddalia Emillen
Guiddalia Emillen